I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I started learning classical guitar when I was 15 when I was already performing live with school bands, singing and playing the guitar and drums. After school, I took electric guitar lessons at “Fillipos Nakas” Conservatory in Athens, where I later studied Music Composition for Theatre and Cinema and Jazz Arrangement. In 1994, I joined influential alternative rock band “Lefki Symphonia” and two years later we released the album “Chromata” (FM Records, 1996). I then featured on “Enocho La” by greek ethnic rock band Enocho La (1998, Lyra Records) arranging the tracks and playing guitar.

I have collaborated with many popular musicians and bands in the Greek music scene over the years, and from 2010 I have been a permanent member of Natassa Bofiliou’s band, (playing live and on tour, as well as in the studio. Recently, I also composed original music for TV and Radio and have been a guitar tutor at the National Conservatory of Greece.

As a performer, composer and tutor I draw from across the musical spectrum – from Byzantine music and Classical Fouga to rock/jazz and traditional music. I try to break down boundaries between genres, experiencing music as an unlimited soundscape.
My latest solo album is “Portokali” (2014, PROTASIS)

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